What is a SOC Analyst and How do I Become One?


What Is a Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst?

Similar to Cyber Security Analysts, SOC Analysts are the first responders to cyber incidents. They report cyber threats and then implement changes to protect an organisation.

Job duties include:

Provide threat and vulnerability analysis

Investigate, document and report on information security issues and emerging trends

Analyse and respond to previously undisclosed software and hardware vulnerabilities

Prepare organisational disaster recovery plans

Whereas a Cyber Security Analyst may be the only Cyber Security Professional at an organisation, SOC Analysts are generally part of a large security operations team. The SOC Analyst role is the last line of defence against cyber criminals. Without them, hackers and other cyber criminals may never be found.

SOC Analysts work alongside with Cyber Security Engineers and Security Managers and most likely report to a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

A SOC Analyst must have a steady and unshakable eye for detail, as they have to monitor many things at once. They must watch and respond to a number of threats, and there may be different levels of responsibilities depending on how big the company is and how many SOC Analyst’s it employs. From monitoring to reacting, a SOC Analyst’s day is rarely the same from one to the next.

How to Become a Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst

It’s possible to enter the cyber security profession with or without a degree by starting in an entry-level IT position. You could then work your way up to a cyber security role by gaining experience and industry certifications. Qualifications such as CompTIA ITF+ (IT Fundamentals), A+ and Network+ can help you get that all important first role.

Certifications like CompTIA Security+ and Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) can then help you gain the skills you need to become a SOC Analyst.

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SOC Analyst Salary Range

The average SOC Analyst salary in the United Kingdom is £50,000 per year. Entry level positions start at £38,687 per year while most experienced workers make up to £65,000 per year.

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