Pete Scott

Widely regarded as the go to sales trainer in the corporate sector, Pete Scott has built his reputation by working with hundreds of companies around the world, including some household names such as BP, American Express and Channel 4 to name a few.

However, Pete didn’t start his career as a top sales trainer. Very far from it actually. In 2011, Pete was struggling to gain even his first contract and after two years, he decided to switch his focus from working with the consumer market, to 100% companies.

Over 2000 calls and 11 meetings later, Pete signed his first four corporate clients and has never looked back. He is also the founder of the Sales Pro Academy, which is a community-based learning platform, where entrepreneurs & anybody who is passionate about growing their own business, can learn the art & science to succeed.

Pete is someone who truly walks the talk and has been amongst the trenches of sales, but most importantly, loves to share how you can build your dream business or career too.