Student Case Study – Tony Harper


In 2010, after leaving school I was taken on for a week’s work experience with a local College in my area. I received a “C” grade in GCSE IT, so my IT skills were very basic. I pushed hard and asked as many questions as possible, showing eagerness to learn before earning an Apprenticeship with the College for 2 years. I completed the Apprenticeship Scheme and was taken on full time, eventually working on windows servers, managing domain controllers and group policies whilst also supporting multiple sites and 250+ users.

I was eager to expand and get involved in the Cyber Security field after working with and managing applications like Multi Factor Authentication Software and seeing tests like Cyber Essentials being performed across the network. This is where I found Nuyew Tech Academy, who gave me the opportunity to learn more about Cyber Security and help me get into the industry. I knew straight away that I had to join the Nuyew Tech Academy when communication and desire to help me grow were their main priorities.

The whole program was laid out clearly and professionally, the plan was to get me through the foundations of Cyber Security through MTA Security Fundamentals before eventually going onto CompTIA Security+ and Pentest+. I managed to pass the MTA exam on my first attempt, the resources provided by Nuyew Tech Academy really helped, this involved labs, resources, videos, and practice exams. I immediately gained the benefits; my confidence was high and it landed me my dream job in Cyber Security as a Junior Security Consultant. I am now still working towards my Security+ and Pentest+ whist learning on the job.

I cannot recommend Jonathan and the team at Nuyew Tech Academy enough, no question is too small and the response time and help offered is the best I have personally witnessed. I will continue to grow and help others with my personal experience and show the world that dreams do in fact come true if you get the correct help and advice from the right people like Nuyew Tech Academy.

Tony Harper (Junior Cyber Security Consultant and Nuyew Tech Academy Student)

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