Start Learning Today and Don’t Pay for Your Tuition until you Get Hired


Nuyew Tech Academy is delighted to offer their qualifications to the most talented participants, regardless of their financial situation, by providing the ability to pay for a qualification with a share of future income via a Future Earnings Agreement (FEA).

Introducing Future Earnings Agreements (FEAs)

Instead of paying the full Tuition Fee upfront, students can pay 36 monthly repayments of a share of their earnings when they earn above a minimum threshold. The amount repaid is variable based on earnings, capped, is for a finite period of time and likely to be suitable even for those who are unable to secure traditional financing.

FEAs are the Next Generation of Student Finance

An FEA means the amount you pay for your course depends on the graduate earnings you achieve. Repayments are deferred until you are earning above a minimum income threshold. You repay a small percentage of your salary for a defined period with the maximum amount repaid capped, to share risk and make repayments more affordable.

If your salary goes down, or is less than we expect, then you will repay less. Equally, if your salary is more than we predict then you will repay more. The benefit of this is the total amount you repay is capped so that if you repay more you may be able to repay your loan early. Equally, if you earn and repay less you will not have to make any extra repayments.

Why an FEA from StepEx?

The Nuyew Tech Academy is proud to be partnered with StepEx, the only provider of FEAs in the UK. StepEx is fully regulated by the UK’s financial regulator (the Financial Conduct Authority).

This ensures that all our Students are treated fairly, have full transparency of relevant information and are protected by the world’s highest financial standards.

Further information and details of how to apply for a FEA can be found at here .

The Nuyew Tech Academy can help you launch a new and exciting career in IT and Technology through our Fully Accredited Training and Career Support Packages.

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